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Important note:

No Limit Tours gives you the possibility to customize a day tour or a tour of several days to attend any of the events privately or in a group. you can suggest the duration, the itinerary, the places to visit and the hotels to stay in. or you can leave it to us to and we will take care of the details and get back to you. because what matters to us is your satisfaction.

Imilchil marriage festival

Each September,

Imilchil is located high up in the lake plateau of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. In this region you will find mainly Berber tribes and clans with a strong attachement to culture and tradition that has been preserved for decades.The Imilchil marriage ceremony is the prime attraction of this region and takes place annually in September. Each September, the surrounding tribes, Aït Sokhman, Ait Âtta, Ait Hdiddou, Ait Iâzza celebrate the Imilchil Marriage Festival, held in Souk Aam and Agdoud N’Oulmghenni. This festival, also known as September Romance, features the Aït Iâzza and Ait Brahim culture of an annual collective marriage where women search and choose their husband.

The marriage engagements part of the festival are staged on the site of the tomb of “Sidi Ahmed Oulmghenni”, who is venerated in the high atlas. Close to 40,000 people from the mountains assemble under tents for three days with their flocks, their horses and camels.

It is an occasion for young girls to dress up and wear their finest clothes and jewels, and enjoy this annual celebration.

Ultra trail Atlas-Toubkal marathon

2nd October, 2014

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal invites you to live an extraordinary adventure by participating in one of three trials with a start and finish towns located in the highest ski resort in North Africa Oukaïmeden.

This 42km marathon takes place in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The circular trail winds its way past Oukaimedene before heading off to Agouns village, down in the valley and back up again to Labassène and then onward to Tizi Addi. The marathon is not a walk on the beach, it is an Ultra, but we assure you that is worth it, the views are spectacular and the experience exhilirating.

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Essaouira, Gnawa and world music festival

June, Essaouira

A music festival with the vibes of Gnawa music has grown to include musicians from all over the world. This successful annual festival has been around for a decade and venues are dotted all around the picturesque town of Essaouira Mogador.No Limit Tours gives you the possibilty to customize a day trip or a tour of several days if you would like to join in the fun. Gnawa music is a combination of acrobatic dancing and music. Its origins is a unique mixture of Berber, African and Arabic songs, religious rites and dance rituals.

Buggy Riding

On demand, palm groves of Marrakech

Riding a buggy is an extrem sport full of intense moments and adrenaline rush on the dirty off-roads and agressive geography. With us, you can enjoy awesome rides on a buggy and compete with friends and other groups if available. Drive your buggy with No Limits, push your mind and muscles to the edge, compete, win, celebrate.

Quad Riding

On demand, palm groves of Marrakech

The roughness of the roads, the bumps, the dust, an enjoyable experience and a challenge for the muscles and the brains, Ride, hit the gaz, and leave the rest behind.