Day trip: Asni et Ouirgane

On demand, Asni et Ouirgane, Morocco

In a valley at 1500m high, stand the beautiful village of Asni, rich with fruitful trees. And as you go deep in the valley, you will find yourself at the base of the mighty Toubkal, where two rivers meet (Imlil & Ait Mizane) and give birth to Oued Rhirhaya. Imlil stands 1745m above the level of sea, perched at the mountain and starting point for many hiking activities.

One of the most beautiful valleys in Morocco, you can check photos in our gallery

Asni describes both the small village where the grande taxis drop you and the wider valley, however if we just consider the village: It is split into two parts. The 'commercial' area, down by the main road. Here there are shops lined up on either side of the road. Behind the shops up a slope to the south(?) a short distance is the 'residential' part of the village, consisting of 50 or so houses. Obviously walking on foot is the way to get around (as the village is only a few hundred metres wide).