Morocco shared tours and day trips

Why book a shared tour?

shared toursThe shared tours and exursions have been thought to give you the opportunity to share a fantastique experience along with others enthusiast of Morocco, it is a great chance to meet other people from all over the world, get to know them, enjoy the journey together and more importantly it is cheaper than private tours with the same comfort and accommodations when you find the right people to travel with. The only difference is that shared tours are not always available because you need to coordinate with more people. This where we come, We in No Limit Tours, offer the chance of YOU creating YOUR OWN shared tours and excursions and invite other people with similar tastes and schedule to join you.


How to book a shared tour?

You can book a shared tour or day trip either by filling the booking form and specifying that you would like a shared tour in the note plus any specifications you might want to add, or just contact us on the contact page and we will discuss details. We will process your application and your suggested tour will be shown on this page under "available shared tours" section. It will show if anyone joined your tour and we will notify you by email. Confirmed (by deposit )suggestions are more likely to attract other people, and it will also be shown who confirmed and who did not.

Available shared tours:

No tours available at the moment (Contact us and create one now )



suggested tours to share: